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Appui au laboratoire agricole de l’UNDH dans la lutte contre l’aflatoxine dans le Sud d’Haïti

Cette initiative vient appuyer les efforts dans la professionnalisation et la diversification de services disponibles aux producteurs-rices et aux transformateurs-rices du Sud dans l’amélioration de la qualité des produits alimentaires fait à base de maïs.

L’USAID lance officiellement son programme de renforcement de la société civile sur fond de crises en Haïti

L’USAID lance officiellement son programme de renforcement de la société civile sur fond d’une crise multidimensionnelle, politique, sécuritaire et sanitaire en Haïti. « Compte tenu de la crise de dimensions politique, sécuritaire et sanitaire en cours

RACINE INFO: Haïti-USA: Lancement officiel du Programme de renforcement de la société civile

L’Agence américaine pour le développement international (USAID) annonce le lancement officiel du programme de renforcement de la société civile (CSSP),..

Haitian Konbit Project Builds Solid 

Building the capacity of local organizations is central to the goals of USAID’s New Partnerships Initiative. Read how one Haitian company elevated local leadership and equipped partners in Haiti with the resources and skills to be effective agents of change in their community. 

For Women by Women: Une Plateforme pour Promouvoir le Leadership Féminin 

Les menaces de “peyi lock” du vendredi 29 mars 2019 n’ont pas eu raison de “For Women by Women”. Des dizaines de femmes se sont réunies afin de partager leurs expériences et apprendre chacune du travail des autres. Rencontres, foires et échanges ont constitué les principales activités de cet événement.

Agriculture: USAID joins the launch of the «PISA cocoa and vanilla» Project

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) entered a new partnership with Produits Des Iles S.A. (PISA), Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics LTD [LUSH], and Papyrus S.A to launch a new Cacao and Vanilla project that will make farms more profitable for 900 farmers ..

MAIS: Communiqué de Presse 

AGERCA, le MARNDR et le Canada joignent leurs forces contre le COVID-19: Sensibilisation et distribution de kits sanitaires dans les communes de Cayes,Torbeck et Camp-Perrin.

Deux Grands Projets Agricoles Lancés dans le Grand-Sud 

Le ministère de l’Agriculture des Ressources naturelles et du Développement (MARNDR) et l’ambassade du Canada ont lancé les 26 et 27 novembre 2020 aux Cayes et à Chambellan deux grands projets agricoles.

SMASH: Case Study 

In 2016, SMASH partnered with RTI International and Dimagi to develop SMASH Mobil, an integrated mobile technology and reporting system, to support actors across the supply chain.

SMASH MOBIL: Brewing a better Future for Haiti's Agriculture Sector

In 2013, the Smallholder Alliance for Sorghum in Haiti (SMASH, implemented by Papyrus) was launched by BRANA, a Heineken company, to strengthen the sorghum value chain and spur socially inclusive growth in Haiti. In 2016, SMASH partnered with RTI International and Dimagi to develop SMASH Mobil.

HEINEKEN: “Brewing a Better Future" in Haiti 

Local sourcing is at the heart of HEINEKEN’s “Brewing a Better Future” sustainability strategy. In Haiti, HEINEKEN has committed to purchase locally sourced sorghum, improving the lives of over 18,000 farmers under the SMASH project.

SMASH: Spurring Economic Growth by Linking Farmers to Buyers through Mobile Technology 

Amid the struggles of Haiti’s economy, pockets of opportunity exist that, if used effectively, could improve the standard of living for thousands of people. Agribusiness is one sector that offers high potential for development. 

There's an App for that: The Role of Youth in Driving New Technologies in Agriculture 

Alice Nkunzimana, president of Papyrus, a development firm in Haiti, couldn’t believe her eyes. The entire team standing in front…

IDB Brings $2,4M to BRANA's Program: SMASH 

Friday, in the Étoile du Nord in Carrefour Vincent (Drouillard), the US Agency for International Development (USAID), the Inter American Development Bank (IDB), and the National Brasserie d'Haiti SA (BRANA), have joined the sorghum farmers to celebrate the integration of the IDB to the ...

HAITI: Open for Business? 

Bloomberg’s Stephanie Ruhle visits Haiti to find out if it is the next emerging market. Five years after the country…

Sustainable Development Models 

Today, the development community mantra is sustainability. The definition of sustainable is actually quite broad. It means “able to be maintained.” A project that requires constant input from outside can be sustainable if that support is found. 

Appropriate Assistance Approaches 

In a previous article, the author argued that project sustainability could take more than one form. If its acceptable broad definition is “able to be maintained,” then a development project can be sustainable even if it requires constant external input, as long as that input is assured.

Organic Development

It is evident to many that there are serious problems with today’s development models. Those that worked well enough in the past no longer seem to elicit positive results.

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